☆ Advanced TEC E-Chrome Goggles


29 Nov 2010
Make Your Goggles Bright or Dark at the Press of a Button
If you ever buy goggles, you know that when you see a set that sells for $249.99 ($297.99 in Canada) they must be very special. Seriously, we can buy good Oakley Snow goggles for under a hundred bucks, so why in the world would you spend $250 on a set of snow goggles? Because they are very special, indeed.

Changing light conditions can make it difficult to know what goggle lens color to wear on some days. Bright lens colors work best on low or flat light days, and dark lens colors work best on bright sunny days. So you either choose one set of goggles and hope for the best, or you can carry an extra set with you and risk damaging them (bouncing around).
Enter the Advanced TEC E-Chrome goggles by BRP, sold at Ski-Doo dealers. The trick here is the electro-chrome dual lens that electronically darkens, instantly, at the press of a button. Press it again and they lighten, instantly. You decide when you want them darker or brighter; reach up and press the button, and Shazam, they change right in front of your eyes, literally.
How does it work? There’s a little compartment on the left side of the goggle where the strap attaches. Inside the compartment is a small disc battery and some electronics. Behind this compartment is an “on-off” slider switch that activates the electronics. On top of the compartment is a large push-button that can be pressed with gloves on; this toggles the electro-chrome lens from light to dark.
So you put on the goggles and go out on your sled. They are normally a bright lens, so it is bright. Push the button on top and INSTANTLY they turn darker. Sun or clouds, bright day or flat light day, you have the right color goggles for the day, regardless, now you have one set of goggles that will do it all.
OK, still not convinced they’re worth $250? This is a super high-end lens material and coating; anti-fog treated and scratch-resistant so they can take some abuse in the rough snowmobiling environment. The frame is urethane so it stays flexible at low temps. The face foam is triple-density with a wide comfy fleece layer as the face contact patch. Generous silicone bands on the inside of the strap keep it in place on your helmet. There’s even a clip-on nose guard that can be used for extra protection.
These goggles really do give you the best of both worlds. The Advanced TEC E-Chrome goggles darken at the press of the button, and lighten at the press of the button, very quickly. That’s for sure worth something, but $250? For this amount the lenses had better last all winter long, able to take the abuse of wiping with a glove on foggy days and when wet snow is falling. Just like the tough Oakley lenses can. We’ll let you know how they fare.

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